die goeie nuus



So many Christians know about God without knowing Him personally.

  • They believe in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit without believing God when He says : “It is finished!” “I had been made sin with your sin and so you have become the righteousness of God in Me! I have forgiven you even before you were born!”
  • They claim to have a relationship with Him without ever experiencing the ecstasy of intimacy with Him.
  • They carry in them the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and yet they lack spiritual authority and are the constant prey of the thief who steals, kills and destroys.

The Son of God has reconciled God to man with one final and everlasting sacrifice. Knowledge of such truth will move man to minister his reconciliations to God in return and be set free to live a life abundantly!

If you have a desire;

  • To have your deepest questions answered;
  • To make sense of the Bible and our day to day circumstances;
  • For substance in your experience and relationship with our loving Creator;
  • For understanding the true character of this awesome God….

Then this book is for you!